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Health and Structural Assessments

Health and structural condition of trees can be difficult to assess. 

Decline in tree health and vitality at times can be attributed to a single factor however is often due to a combination of underlying factors that place trees under stress and initiate decline predisposing them to attack/ infestation by pests or disease.    

Structural integrity can be difficult to assess as in some cases internal defects such as cavities, decay, disease or root damage cannot be detected.  A tree can display signs and symptoms that indicate possible internal problems however require further investigative assessment to determine the impact on structural integrity  

Where a visual tree inspection is inconclusive or cannot determine structural integrity or the cause of decline investigative diagnostic testing may be necessary.   

We can offer diagnostic testing services that can more accurately determine the structural integrity of trees or indentify the cause in decline of tree health and vitality. Based on the results of diagnostic testing the appropriate outcomes can be reached in determining the best course of action.

Diagnosis Services:

         Resistograph testing

         PiCUS Sonic Tomograph

         Ground Penetrating Radar

         Soil Sample Tests

         Ph Testing

         Formal Identification of Pest or Disease


         Aerial Inspections

         Root investigations



Assessments can be undertaken to

determine structure and health where

visual inspection are inconclusive


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Last modified: Oct 12th, 2020