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Risk /Hazard Assessments

Risk Hazard Assessments can be undertaken to inspect trees for possible structural defects, pest and disease and /or condition of tree health and vitality.

Assessments are visually made from the ground only to inspect the root zone, trunk, major scaffolds, lateral branches and canopy for signs of structural defects or pest and disease.   

Based on the results of a Risk Hazard Assessment the appropriate outcomes can be reached in determining the best course of action.

*As assessments are made from the ground only not all structural defects or signs of pest or disease may be detected.  In cases where the results of a visual tree inspection are inconclusive further investigative assessment may be necessary.  

Risk Hazard Assessments include:

          ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Tree Hazard Evaluation Form

         Written summary of inspection and recommendations




Assessments undertaken

to determine potential

degree of risk / hazard

posed by tree condition



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