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Tree Maintenance Programmes

Public liability, Occupational Health and Safety and the threat of falling branches and dangerous trees are a concern to all asset and property managers, public and private institutions, residential / rural land owners, golf course superintendents, schools etc.       

A Tree Management Programme undertakes an assessment of trees that will provide property / asset managers etc. with an appraisal of all trees as identified within a nominated area that can be implemented over a period of time.

Tree Management Plans are produced that are practical, concise and easily followed resulting in safer and healthier trees.  

A variety of management plans can be specifically tailored to suit client needs.  A tree management plan can be produced to cover all trees or only to identify trees that are in need of urgent attention. 

A Tree Management Plan will generally include:

         Tree Evaluation (Tree Survey)

         Trees numbered and located on Survey / Site Plan

         Schedule of works (over a nominated period of time

         Priority of works and re-inspection recommendations



Tree Management Plans provide property /

 asset managers etc. with an appraisal and

 Schedule of Works of all trees as identified

 within a nominated area that can be

 implemented over a period of time.








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